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Firearms Transfer Procedure

Arms-Fair is a licensed dealer (Federal Firearms License or FFL holder) and has been receiving and shipping interstate firearms since 1995.  We will handle gun transfers from various internet gun auction sites (i.e.,,,, etc.).

Arms-Fair will accept firearms for transfer from an unlicensed individual provided that the seller provides a legible (preferably enlarged) copy of a government issued picture ID listing name, current address, and date of birth (i.e. a state driver's license).  If an ID is not in the box with the gun, we cannot transfer the firearm to the buyer until we receive one.

Please note:  We provide transfers as a courtesy to our customers so that they may purchase used guns for their collections.  We sell NEW firearms from most manufacturers both in our retail store and on our website. If you are requesting a transfer of a NEW firearm that we sell, the transfer fee will be $45 per gun.  If in doubt, please check this website. Even if a firearm is currently "out of stock", we may still have availability and the $45 fee will still apply.

Arms-Fair gun transfer charges: 

      $30.00 per Used handgun or $45.00 per New handgun (if New gun is from an FFL).

      $30.00 per Used rifle/shotgun or $45.00 per New rifle/shotgun (if New gun from FFL).

      $30.00 per lower receiver, frame or action (i.e. serial # part) - either new or used


Then, add $10.00 for the mandatory T.B.I. background check fee.  This is a onetime fee which covers all guns entered on the same ATF form 4473.  It's known as a TICS or NICS fee. 

Please send (or forward) your gun purchase information to e-mail address:  Be sure that your name and phone number(s) are in the e-mail so that we can contact you.  If the seller does not already have a certified copy of our FFL on file, we will forward your e-mail to the seller with a .pdf attachment containing our current FFL. If the seller doesn't have an e-mail address, we can fax our FFL to them instead of e-mailing it to them.

Once the gun arrives at Arms-Fair and we have logged the gun into our A&D record book, we will attempt to contact you.  You can pick up your gun between 10:00AM and 5:30PM Monday through Saturday.

Cash or personal checks are the preferred means of payment (make checks out to Arms-Fair). 

All new or used handguns must leave the store with a working gun lock (federal Youth Handgun Safety Act).  A new handgun should come with a lock included in the packaging.  Please bring a working gun lock with you when picking up a used handgun transfer.  If you do not have a lock, we must sell one to you for $8 ($7.32 + taxes) before you can leave with your transfer.  

Suggestion:  Ask the seller to e-mail you a "tracking number" for shipment to us.  A "tracking number" will allow you to follow the progress of your transfer. It is not necessary to send us the "tracking number", as we'll know when the gun arrives because we have to sign for the delivery.

We don't set appointments, so you don't need to phone us and tell us that you are coming to pick up your gun unless you need directions to the store.  Also, please don't attempt to pick up your gun until after we have logged the gun into our A&D book and contacted you.

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