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Glock "Blue Label" Program

Glock "Blue Label"

Program Qualification 

1. LE/MIL Blue Label Program - limit 2 guns per year. Eligible persons are: Sworn Law Enforcement Officers or Federal Agents, Retired Law Enforcement Officers or Retired Federal Agents with "retired" credentials, Corrections Officers, including Parole & Probation Officers, State licensed Security Companies, State licensed Armed Security Officers, Active Military, National Guard, or Military Reserve personnel (all branches), including Retired Military with "retired" credentials only, Licensed ParaMedics or EMTs, FireFighters (including volunteers) with appropriate ID, Court Judges, District Attorneys and Deputy District Attorneys, LE Academy Cadets with enrollment documentation from the academy.

2. GSSF Program - limit 1 gun per year - see GSSF website:


Prices are for NEW pistols only and include all available GEN4 models which include 3 magazines. 

Models: 17, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27, 31, 32, 33                            $438 ($425 with cash discount)

Models: 20, 21, 29, 30, 30S, 36                                            $515.99 ($500.51 with cash discount)

Models: 34, 35, 41                                                                 $523 ($508 with cash discount)

Models: 37, 38, 39                                                                 $455 ($442 with cash discount)

Model: 42                                                                               $367 ($356 with cash discount)

Model: 43                                                                               $396.99 ($385.08 with cash discount)

Prices do NOT include applicable sales taxes or mandatory T.B.I background check fee ($10).

All sales will be made in our store to a Tennessee resident.  No internet sales or FFL dealer transfers.

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